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“Steven always brings a passionate and creative edge to the table every time we collaborate. His outside the box, yet context aware sensibility is a real breath of fresh air to the creative process”

- Jon King (Director/Producer)


“Working with Tobi was an absolute pleasure. We started our work together with discussions on influence, listened to a few specific tracks and recommended some scores to start “communicating by music”. From there, each track was expertly catered to the specific scene’s needs. Tobi did an excellent job of identifying the emotional needs of the scene and accentuated those beats in his score. He has a true gift for translating the emotional weight and subtext of a scene into a meaningful composition that fits into a set style of pacing, motifs and tone. I would absolutely recommend him (and have to fellow filmmakers) and I continue to look forward to more opportunities to work with him again in the future”

        - Matt Crouch (Award Winning Writer/Director)

“Steven’s creativity is boundless and his attention to the finer points is perfectly attenuated. A talented mind and an easy-going demeanor helps all his projects move along gracefully to the finish line”

         - Brian Craddock (Producer/Daughtry Guitarist)

“I had Steven create original music for my science fiction short film “Virtually in Love.” Steven was a pleasure to collaborate with and was 100% committed to delivering a score that not only sounded professional but would also add onto and expand the world of our film. He was very easy to communicate with and was able to take and apply any notes I had with no issues. But the thing I was most impressed with is that he took the time to understand the emotion and tone of each scene, which helped elevate our film to another level. I would recommend Steven to any other filmmakers out there and would gladly work with him again”

       - Dean Parker (Director)

"Steven's ability to understand how sound and picture live together to create the desired response in audiences was something very special and not usually found in someone of his age. His love of music, movies and media make him a very special talent and the kind of person he is makes him someone that anyone would love to have on their team"

- John Fucile (Director - Park Productions & The Studio)



- 54 Hour Film Fest Nomination (2024 Best Original Score)

"Slow Leak"

- 54 Hour Film Fest Nomination (2023 Best Original Score)

"Agent 54"

- PheonixShortFestival Winner (Best Original Score)

"Family Gone"


-  Nashville Indépendant Music Awards (2015 Best Video, Best Rock Performers, Best Rock Band)

-  Indieville TV Awards (2015 Best Alternative Album)

-  John Lennnon Songwriting Competition (2012 Best Rock Song)


-  Nashville 48 Hour Film Festival Winner (2010 Best Music)

"Tilly's Special Blend"



- "Slow Leak" (2024 Sci-fi Short)

"We Are The Nearly Deads" (2023 Rock Album)

- "Agent 54" (2023 Scifi Short)

- "The Trick" (2021 Micro-Short) IMDb

- "Messy" (2021 Micro-Short) IMDb


- "I'm Straight" (2021 Experimental Short) IMDb

- "The Hit List" (2021 TV Film) IMDb

- "6PM in Paris" (2021 Horror Short) IMDb

- “Fatherless” (2020 scifi short) IMDb


- “Virtually in Love” (2019 scifi short) IMDb

- “Murder Tapes - 4 Episodes” (2020 Discovery Channel Show)

- “Primal-Instinct - 2 Episodest” (2020 Discovery Channel Show)

- "Killer Siblings - 3 Episodes" (Oxygen Channel Show)

- "Unexpected - Say Bye Bye Daddy" (TLC Show)

- "Lewis and Machuca, Rosas, Vues" (2019 Oxygen Channel Show)

- “Happy Homes” (2019 Indie Game)

- “Sifting Thyme” (2018 Indie Game)

- “Give” (2018 NBC Show)

- “Ink Master Angels” (2018 Reality TV Show)

- “Distress Signals” (2018 Instrumental Album)

- “Revenge of The Nearly Deads” (2017 Rock Album)

- “Invisible Tonight” (2014 Rock Album)

- “The Nearly Deads” (2011 Rock Album)


- “Tilly’s Special Blend” (2010 short film)


- “Room Service” (2009 short film)

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